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Amblyopia Treatment at Franklin Family Eyecare in Somerset, NJ

Amblyopia is the technical term for the eye dominance imbalance condition most commonly known as "lazy eye". Amblyopia can have a variety of causes, each of which can result in loss of binocular vision and depth perception. When this disorder occurs during childhood, it can have lasting effects on your kids' eyesight. Here at Franklin Family Eyecare, our Somerset optometrist can diagnose the underlying cause behind a case of amblyopia and prescribe a number of helpful therapies to correct it.

young boy suffering from a lazy eye

Types and Causes of Amblyopia

Amblyopia isn't just an eye problem, although an eye function issue may contribute it -- it's a conflict occurring between the eyes and the vision center of the brain. the eyes and the brain must work together harmoniously to produce what we consider "3D" vision, with the brain combining the eyes' input to create stereoscopic images. Sometimes, however, the brain decides to minimize or disregard one eye's input in favor of the other eye. This may lessen or even eliminate your sense of depth perception, which not only robs you of optimal vision but makes balance, hand-eye coordination, and judging of distances a serious (and possibly hazardous) challenge. The principal types of amblyopia include:

  • Strabismic amblyopia - If the eyes aren't aligned perfectly, the resulting blurriness of double vision may force the brain to choose one eye over the other.
  • Refractive amblyopia - If one eye has a more severe refractive error (nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism etc.) than the other, the brain may choose the eye with superior visual acuity.
  • Deprivation amblyopia - If a problem such as a cataract puts up a physical barrier to incoming light in one eye, the brain may have no choice but to use the other eye's data instead. (Yes, cataracts can occur even in babies.)

Solutions for Amblyopia

Although even older individuals can often benefit from amblyopia treatment, the earlier in life the condition is caught, the more easily it can be corrected. Our optometrist, Dr. Ngong-Tawe, can perform a thorough eye exam to discover what aspect of your child's ocular health/function is producing the problem. Solutions at may include prism glasses or eye exercises to compensate for strabismus, corrective lenses to address refractive errors, or patching of the dominant eye to teach the brain to make better use of the other eye's signals.

Ready to Schedule an Eye Exam? Call our Somerset Optometrist Today

Could a member of your family be struggling with an undiagnosed case of amblyopia? Call Franklin Family Eyecare at 732-412-7328 to schedule an eye exam with our optometrist in Somerset, NJ. We can help!

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