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How to Protect from Dry Eyes this Winter

Protect from Dry Eyes this Winter

How to Protect from Dry Eyes this Winter

You probably make a point of protecting your eyes in the summer sun by always wearing your sunglasses, but what about when the cold winds of winter come around? Dry eyes get a double hit at wintertime, with icy winds outside and dry, overheated air inside. At Franklin Family Eyecare, our optometrist recommends that you wear 100 percent UV protectant sunglasses every time you leave the house, no matter what the season. Here are some other tips she has for protecting your dry eyes this winter.

Keep Them Lubricated

Use artificial tears as needed throughout the day, but only up to four times each day. If you feel the need for eye drops more often, see our optometrist for advice.

Avoid the Heat

Indoor furnace air is very dry and can contribute to dry eye syndrome. Move your desk or chair away from any furnace vents to avoid hot air from blowing on your face. It's also a good idea to add a humidifier to your home or office to keep the air from becoming so dry.

Don't Forget to Blink

Staring at a computer screen, digital device or television can reduce the number of times you blink each hour. Blinking helps to lubricate your eyes, keeping them from drying out. Make a point of blinking a couple of times every five minutes, and focus on something across the room every half hour or so to prevent your eyes from drying out.

Visit Our Optometrist

If you're having a problem with dry eyes, a comprehensive eye exam is the best way to start fixing the problem. Once our optometrist examines your eyes, she'll be able to advise you about the causes of your dry eye problems.

Looking for a New Optometrist?

If you're having problems with dry eye syndrome this winter, look to the professionals for effective advice. Call our office at 732-412-7328 to schedule an appointment today.

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