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How to Choose the Right Contact Lenses

How to Choose the Right Contact Lenses

The decision to wear contact lenses allows you to avoid the challenges associated with traditional glasses. The key is finding the right contacts for your eyes. When you have the correct lenses, you will notice that it feels comfortable and does not cause complications for your vision.

The first step in correcting your vision with contacts is an eye exam in Somerset, NJ. The reason you want an eye exam is to clarify the potential challenges with your vision. The correct type of contact lenses our optometrist may recommend for your eyes depends on the prescription you need and your current vision.

Our doctor of optometry suggests specialized lenses for specific eye concerns. For example, if you have astigmatism, then you need lenses that correct that specific concern. The materials are only one part of the process of identifying the right lenses for your eyes.

Try Different Lenses

After clarifying your vision and identifying potential challenges, you want to consider the materials. You have different options for your eyes in most situations. You may find that soft lenses are a comfortable option. In other situations, rigid lenses are more comfortable for your eyes. In our clinic, we may suggest trying out different materials and options to clarify your comfort level.

Keep Your Lenses Clean

When you find the right contacts for your eyes, you must also maintain your lenses. The key to maintaining your contacts depends on the type of lenses you choose for your eyes. In many cases, you remove the contacts at night and wear them again for a few days or a week before you dispose of the lenses.

Keep your contacts clean by using specialized saline solutions. Fill a contact storage container with the solution before you remove your contacts. After you remove your contacts, use the solution to gently rinse any dust or dirt from the lenses. Only put the contacts into the container for storage after you clean it with the solution.

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Contact lenses allow you to see clearly without obstructing parts of your vision or changing your style. To learn more about finding the right contacts, call (732) 412-7328 today.

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