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Workplace Safety Tips from Your Somerset Optometrist

Workplace Safety Tips from Our Somerset Optometrist

Working at a computer all day isn't as physically taxing as some other jobs, but there can be physical dangers there, as well. One of the most common physical problems for office workers is stress and strain on the eyesight. From headaches to accelerating vision problems, there are a host of symptoms caused by staring at a computer screen for hours each day.

Franklin Township Eye Doctor Details Computer Eye Problems

One of the most common problems for those who work on computers is computer vision syndrome. This is the result of eye strain caused by improper office setup and practice. There's no long-term damage to the eye, but you may suffer from blurred or double vision, headaches, sore neck, and eye irritation. Avoid computer vision syndrome by placing your monitor about 2 feet in front of you, with the center of the screen slightly below your natural line of sight. Move lighting if it glares on your screen. Every half an hour, look away from the screen and move your eyes to view objects at different distances around the room.

Prolonged exposure to blue light is another problem with working in an office. Blue light is the part of the visible light spectrum that's given off by screens such as those on computers and handheld devices. Long exposure to blue light can cause disruptions in the circadian rhythms, which cause insomnia and other sleep problems, In addition, studies show that blue light may contribute to problems with obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. If you can't limit your exposure to computer screens, speak to our optometrist about getting eyeglasses with special blue-blocking coating to protect your eyes.

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If your job requires you to work at a computer for hours each day, call to ask about computer vision treatment in Somerset area. If you live in Manville or the surrounding cities, call Franklin Family Eyecare today at 732-410-6752 to make an appointment. We'll be happy to answer any questions and advise you on eye safety in office settings.

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