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Spring Allergies Have You Feeling Down?

Spring Allergies Have You Feeling Down?

Spring allergies typically occur from late winter through the first part of summer. During spring, the pollen count steadily rises as trees, weeds, grasses, and flowers come into bud and bloom. Our Somerset optometrists are here to help!

Spring Allergies: The Symptoms

If you are one of the 50 million Americans who suffer from spring allergies, you know the pollen count is on the rise without anyone telling you. Allergies are caused by the body's immune system response to pollen.  Essentially, in an allergic person, the body sees pollen as an invader and issues an inflammatory response to drive it out. For those who are not allergic, their body does not respond to the presence of pollen.  Allergy symptoms include:

  • red, itchy eyes caused by irritation of the sensitive membranes
  • sneezing, coughing, and other sinus symptoms
  • watery eyes
  • a constant feeling that a foreign substance is in your eye

Alleviating Symptoms of Spring Eye Allergies in Somerset

With any allergen, the best way to stop an immunological response is to avoid the allergen. When it comes to pollen, this is nearly impossible. Pollen is everywhere and settles on your skin and clothes when you are outdoors.

A few recommendations to lessen your exposure include:

  • shower when you come in from the outdoors to wash pollen away from your eyes and skin
  • replace the filter on your HVAC system with one that filters allergens from your air
  • do not open your windows during allergy season and keep the A/C running
  • wear sunglasses when outdoors to protect your eyes from pollen exposure

Over the counter eye drops and nasal sprays may also provide some relief from the effects of spring allergies. Your local eye doctor can also examine your eyes and surrounding tissue for evidence of allergy irritation. He or she can make additional recommendations, including prescription eye drops, to make allergy season more manageable.

Contact Franklin Family Eye Care Today!

Looking for an optometrist?  Dr. Josephine Ngong-Tawe serves Franklin Township and the surrounding areas of Somerset and Manville. Contact Franklin Family Eye Care today at 732-412-7328 to make an appointment and discuss your allergy symptoms.

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