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Improving Your Game with Sports Vision Training

Improving Your Game with Sports Vision Training in Somerset

At Franklin Family Eyecare in Somerset, we offer comprehensive vision services for all ages. Today, let us share with you the many benefits of sports vision training for athletes. If you are an athlete, whether amateur or pro, learn how this training can help you achieve. 

What is Sports Vision Training?

Our optometrist, serving patients in Somerset, Franklin Township, and Manville, welcomes athletes who play any sport and wish to improve their visual processing skills. 

If you play tennis, poor hand eye coordination can affect your ability to connect with the ball. If you're a basketball star, weak depth perception can result in a low free throw percentages. As these examples illustrate, whatever your preferred sport, sports vision training can help you correct weaknesses and strengthen skills. Many professional athletes swear by sports vision training for that extra advantage. 

Sports Vision Training With Our Somerset Optometrist

When you see us for sports vision services, we start by testing your eyes. These eye tests focus on how well your eyes work together, track movement, and perceive depth. 

We test your vision, just in case you have an undiagnosed vision error. Fitting you with the right glasses or contacts is an important first step. Other tests include contrast sensitivity, which affects your visual perception in low light situations, and alignment tests that track how well both eyes work together. The aim of all these tests is to identify weak visual processing skills to work on during training sessions. 

When you train with our optometrist, we will give you exercises to perform at home and in our office. These exercises, which may use visual aids, strengthen your weak skills by promoting eye coordination, teaming, tracking, and movement. We may fit you with colored lenses or glasses to increase object contrast or help you accurately gauge depth. 

Are you interested in sports vision training? If so, we invite you to give us a call at 732-412-7328 or request an appointment online. We can discuss sports vision therapy in greater detail and answer any questions you have before proceeding with training. 

Free Complete Pair of Glasses With Annual Supply of Contact Lens Purchase. [Rx and Insurance Exclusions Apply]

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