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Children's Eye Exams

Protect Your Children's Eyes in the New Year with a Vision Exam

Children need healthy eyes and clear vision in order to perform well in school and be able to participate in sports and other activities. Making sure they have a regular vision exam helps protect their eyes. We offer routine children's eye exams and other vision services at our Somerset clinic. 

Our Eye Doctor Offers Reliable Pediatric Eye Exams

When you bring your children to our eye doctor for exams, we can keep track of how their eye function is developing. Young children can experience vision problems, such as misalignment, which can affect their ability to accurately process information. Routine eye exams allow us to check for lazy eye, misalignments and other problems that can be treated in order to protect your children’s vision. This helps ensure that your children’s ability to process visual information is not impaired. 

For children who are in school, regular eye exams provide a way for us to look for signs of refractive problems that can make it hard for them to see clearly. These include being nearsighted or farsighted or having astigmatism. We can correct these problems with eyeglasses or contact lenses, so your children have a lower risk of running into learning problems at school from not being able to see. If your children are involved in sports or other activities that require excellent vision, we can ensure that their eyes are able to handle these. We also offer protective eyewear for children who play contact sports, such as football. 

Contact Our Somerset Optometrist

Make sure your children have clear vision in the new year. Contact our Somerset optometrist for an eye exam today. We offer optometry services to patients in Somerset, Franklin Township, HIllsborough, Township, Piscataway Township, New Brunswick, Bound Brook, Somerville, Bridgewater Township and Manville, NJ.

Is it time for your children’s next eye exams?

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