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Dry Eye

Dry Eye Treatment in Somerset

Dry eye is more than just a sensation, it is a disorder in its own right, one that can cause a great of discomfort and even, in some cases, lasting harm to the delicate tissues of your eyes. If you are experiencing the hallmark symptoms of itching, irritated, "bloodshot" eyes, eye fatigue and blurred vision, you may be suffering from this disorder for any of a number of reasons. Fortunately, the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment methods offered by our Somerset optometrist at Franklin Family Eyecare, Dr. Ngong-Tawe, can bring prompt relief.

Dry Eye

Our Somerset Optometrist Treats Dry Eye Issues

Your eyes depend on the tear glands' ability to lubricate, hydrate and protect them from external threats. Every time you blink, you spread a film of water, mucous and oils across the front surface of each eye. If these ingredients are out of balance or you simply can't produce enough tears to keep the eye covered, dry eye is the result. In addition to the symptoms mentioned above, you may also experience watery eyes. This sounds contradictory, but it's the result of the tear glands struggling to compensate for tear film containing insufficient water. Chronically dry eyes may be exposed to germs, dust and other intruders that can make them prone to infection or even scarring and ulceration of the cornea, possibly leading to vision loss.

What causes dry eye? For many, reduced tear production is a natural by-product of the aging process. Others may have an underlying medical disorder such as Sjogren's syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis (autoimmune problems are associated with dry eye) or tear duct dysfunction. Dry eye can also be the result of LASIK surgery, medications that cause dryness, wind (including ceiling fans) and constant use of computer screens, which can make your eyes "forget" to blink.

Dry Eye Treatment for Somerset, Manville, Bridgewater Township and Franklin Township

If you seek dry eye treatment in Somerset, Manville, Bridgewater Township and Franklin Township, make an appointment with our eye doctor at Franklin Family Eyecare. Examination of your tear film can reveal any imbalances or underproduction issues. A discussion of your medical history, lifestyle, work habits and current medications may point to a clear underlying cause for your dry eye.

The first-line dry eye treatment method is the use of artificial tears or eye drops formulated to compensate for specific tear film imbalances. Our eye doctor may also recommend that you ask your primary care physician about alternatives to any medications you're taking that are known to cause dry eye or to check for any health conditions that might be responsible for your symptoms. Other recommendations may revolve around adjusting your habits or environment, such as turning the ceiling fans off and scheduling regular breaks from the computer. Dietary supplementation featuring omega-3 fatty acids may also be helpful, since omega-3 deficiencies have been linked to dry eye.

Stop suffering from dry, irritated eyes. Call (732) 412-7328 to schedule dry eye treatment from our Somerset optometrist!

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