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Glaucoma Treatment at Franklin Family Eyecare, Your Somerset, NJ Optometrist

At Franklin Family Eyecare, our team is always first in line to provide our patients with the most advanced care available for their eyes. If your vision is no longer what it used to be or you are worried about other symptoms you are having, we encourage you to come in to see your Somerset, NJ optometrist. Glaucoma is one of the conditions we can treat. Dr. Josephine Ngong-Tawe offers cutting edge help for those seeking glaucoma treatment.

Elderly woman getting an eye exam for Glaucoma.

What Is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a fairly common type of eye condition in which there is damage to the optic nerve. This nerve sends vision messages to the brain, allowing your brain to interpret what you are seeing. Most of the time, glaucoma occurs when there is abnormally high pressure in the eye. This pressure causes damage to the optic nerve.

In most patients, there are very few warning signs of the onset of this condition. The symptoms you do have, such as changes in your vision, occur slowly over time, making them hard to notice. Yet, because it is a common condition especially for seniors, it is essential to see your eye doctor on a routine basis for proper screening.

What Are Options for Glaucoma Treatment?

There is no way to restore any vision loss from glaucoma. However, we do offer glaucoma treatment that can slow down the progression of this condition or, in some cases, prevent it if it is caught early. There are numerous treatment options available that may offer help including eyedrops that reduce eye pressure by improving the flow of fluids away from the eye. Oral medications may help, too. We also offer laser therapy, drainage tube insertion, filtering surgery as well as other solutions.

What Is Optos and How Can It Help You?

As noted, the best way to prevent the worsening of this condition is to have ongoing vision screenings. Optos retinal exams are a key part of that. This is one of the most advanced technologies available for mapping out the eye. With it, we can see where there are areas of concern at a far better level than previous technology. And, we can track any changes in your retinal imaging. This gives us the ability to know when glaucoma is present, how aggressively to treat it, and if it is worsening.

Schedule a Consultation with Your Optometrist in Somerset, NJ for a Screening

For those who may be suffering from glaucoma, the first step is to come in for an eye appointment with your optometrist. We offer the most advanced medical devices and technologies including retinal imaging to meet all of your needs in eye care and eye health. We welcome new patients. To make an appointment in our Somerset, NJ office, please call 732-412-7328.

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