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Glaucoma is a serious, progressive eye disease that can be managed if it is detected early. At Franklin Family Eyecare, we offer comprehensive eye exams that screen for glaucoma. We take your eye health seriously and do everything possible to preserve your vision. Learn about our glaucoma diagnosis and treatment options today to protect your eye health. 

Glaucoma Testing in Somerset

Our Somerset optometrist recommends that all patients come in and have their eyes tested once a year. Why? So that we can make sure you are truly healthy, check whether you have high pressure in your eye (an indicator of glaucoma) and test your vision as well. 

While glaucoma is not reversible, it can be managed if it is caught early. As such, much of the vision loss associated with this eye disease can be avoided altogether just by coming in for regular eye exams with our optician and optometrist. If you have glaucoma, our eye doctor will discuss all of the treatment options with you and answer any of the questions you may have. We want you to be fully informed about your eye health, so you can make the right choice. 

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Glaucoma Prevention and Treatment at Franklin Family Eyecare

The number one way to prevent glaucoma is by coming in for regular eye exams. If you have a family member who suffers from glaucoma or are diabetic, you are at higher risk of developing glaucoma. 

Exercise may help keep your vision healthy, as long as you commit to a program and keep it up. Additionally, certain vitamins and minerals can benefit eye health and preserve your vision. 

If we determine that you have glaucoma, there are options to manage the disease, slow its progression, and preserve your vision. 

During the early stages, we may recommend that you manage your glaucoma using eye drops, which control the pressure inside the eye. If eye drops alone are not sufficient to manage your glaucoma, we can switch to prescription pills. 

Laser surgery is an option for some glaucoma sufferers. In as little as 15 minutes, laser surgery can be performed to reduce the eye pressure. There are several different types of laser surgery, each developed to treat a different type of glaucoma. Many patients can have laser surgery instead of more invasive, traditional eye surgery. If we think laser is a good option for you, we can discuss it in a consultation. 

Finally there are traditional surgeries for glaucoma, which focus on reducing the pressure in the eye and promoting drainage.

The optometry industry is developing new ways to treat glaucoma all the time. We stay abreast with all the latest changes, to best serve your health. 

Contact Our Somerset Optometrist Today!

At Franklin Family Eyecare in Somerset, we welcome patients from Somerset and surrounding communities, including Franklin Township, Hillsborough Township, Piscataway Township, Bridgewater Township, Manville, New Brunswick, and Bound Brook. If it has been a while since your last eye exam, we encourage you to contact us at 732-412-7328 or using the online appointment request form. 

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