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Our Optometrist in Somerset, NJ Diagnoses & Treats Keratoconus

Of the hundreds of conditions which can affect vision and eyesight, keratoconus may be one of the least commonly heard of among our patients.

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What is Keratoconus?

To understand what keratoconus is, we need to quickly review a bit of basic eye anatomy.

You know that clear surface covering the colored part of your eye? That's your cornea. Its main role is to help redirect and focus light as it enters the eye. Normally, your corneas are shaped like half-domes. With keratoconus, however, the cornea begins to thin and bulge outward, appearing more conical. Understandably, this can begin to impair the way light normally enters the eye, leading to vision impairments including blurry vision, heightened light sensitivity, or even eye redness and swelling. As the condition progresses, later symptoms may include an inability to tolerate wearing contact lenses, increasing difficulty seeing. 

Why Our Somerset Optometrist is an Area-Leader in Keratoconus Diagnosis

Early and accurate diagnosis of keratoconus can help reduce the severity of your symptoms. With technology at our clinic such as the advanced Topcon Corneal Topographer, Dr. Ngong-Tawe can literally see your eyes in extreme detail, thus improving her diagnostic accuracy and her patient's outcomes, as well!

Treatment for keratoconus at our clinic may include:

  • Prescription glasses or contacts (especially soft or gas-permeable lenses to reduce irritation)
  • Prescription scleral lenses, larger-than-normal contacts which extend to the whites of your eyes and create a fluid-filled reservoir between the lens and cornea (thus normalizing the way light enters the eye)

Our optometrist can also provide you with expert pre- and post-operative care should you require surgical intervention from an ophthalmologist.

Are You Wondering If You Have Keratoconus? Get Advanced & Accurate Diagnosis with Our Optometrist in Somerset, NJ

At Franklin Family Eyecare, we take our reputation as the leading vision and eye care clinic in Somerset, NJ seriously. That's why we're committed to providing our patients with the most innovative and cutting-edge diagnostic equipment available, including Topcon Corneal Topography. If you live near Somerset, Franklin Township, Hillsborough Township, Piscataway Township, New Brunswick, Bound Brook, Somerville, Bridgewater Township, or Manville, then contact our clinic today to schedule an appointment with our optometrist, Dr. Josephine Ngong-Tawe. We have convenient hours, a comprehensive range of eye care services, and many happy clients! We'd be honored for you to join the list. Call now (732) 412-7328 and be sure to ask about our current special offers!

Free Complete Pair of Glasses With Annual Supply of Contact Lens Purchase. [Rx and Insurance Exclusions Apply]

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