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Astigmatism Faq

Astigmatism FAQ From Your Somerset Optometrist

Astigmatism is a common vision problem that affects both children and adults. Most people develop astigmatism at a young age as their eyes are growing, but it can also occur in adults. Astigmatism causes blurry vision at both near and far distances, and people with mild symptoms may not realize they have a vision problem until it takes a noticeable toll on school, work or other activities like driving. As a trusted Somerset optometrist, Franklin Family Eyecare provides comprehensive eye exams for evaluating astigmatism and other vision problems in patients from Hillsborough, Bound Brook and throughout the Somerset, NJ, region. This astigmatism FAQ is designed to answer some of the most basic questions about the condition.astigmatism faq from your somerset optometrist

What is Astigmatism?

When we see, light enters our eyes through the clear cornea that covers our pupils and irises (the colored portion of the eye). Usually, the cornea is round, which means the light is undistorted as it enters the eye. Astigmatism describes a condition where the cornea is elongated or distorted, causing light to become distorted. People with astigmatism typically have blurry vision at both near and far distances, and the amount of astigmatism can range from mild to severe.

How does an optometrist in Somerset diagnose astigmatism?

An eye doctor can diagnose astigmatism with a comprehensive eye exam using an array of instruments to assess how well you see and to assess the shape of the cornea. If astigmatism is present, the eye doctor will use special instruments and computer technology to obtain very precise measurements of your cornea. Based on those measurements, the doctor will be able to determine the optimal prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses designed to treat or “counteract” astigmatism so you can enjoy clear vision.

Can astigmatism be corrected with laser eye surgery?

Yes, patients who are good candidates for laser eye surgery like LASIK may be able to have their astigmatism surgically corrected. If you’re interested in laser eye surgery, we can help you find a qualified surgeon in the area as well as provide your pre-op and follow-up care.

Astigmatism Treatment From Your Leading Optometrist in Somerset

Delaying care for a vision problem - even a seemingly mild one - can take a big toll on your quality of life, and it can even contribute to chronic headaches, eye strain, and dry eyes. Plus, astigmatism can change significantly over time, which means you need to have regular eye exams to ensure your prescription remains accurate in order to enjoy the clearest vision possible.

As a leading optometrist in Somerset, Hillsborough and Bound Brook, Franklin Family Eyecare offers comprehensive eye exams to help patients treat vision problems, prevent eye diseases and enjoy the best possible vision at every age. Plus, we offer a great selection of glasses and contact lenses. Take an important step toward protecting your eyes and call Franklin Family Eyecare today at (732) 410-6752 to schedule an eye exam and find out more about astigmatism treatment in Somerset.

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