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Eye Infections

Eye Infection Treatment With Your Somerset Optometrist

You may be used to visiting Franklin Family Eyecare for eye tests or to order corrective lenses from our optician -- but you can also rely on us for treatment of eye infections.

Boy with pink eye before seeing Somerset OptometristThese diseases can cause problems ranging from mild irritation to permanent vision loss. Common examples include:

  • Conjunctivitis (pink eye) - Conjunctivitis, better known as pink eye, is an infection of the thin membrane that lines the sclera and inner eyelid. It creates pink or reddened eyes, a watery or thick discharge, eyelid swelling, a gritty irritation in the eye and hypersensitivity to light. Pink eye can be caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi or allergies.
  • Keratitis - Many of the same agents that cause conjunctivitis, including viruses and several strains of bacteria, can also cause keratitis, an infection of the corneal tissue. This may occur in immune-impaired individuals, cases where the front of the eye has sustained an injury, or contact lens wearers whose lenses don't transfer sufficient oxygen to the eyes.
  • Uveitis - Uveitis is an inflammation of a part of the eye called the uvea, which includes the iris, the ciliary body (which produces the eye's inner fluid) and the choroid (the blood vessel layer beneath the retina). Toxins, infectious, autoimmune reactions or trauma may cause uveitis. Symptoms include eye pain, sensitivity to light and a significant increase in "floaters."
  • Ocular herpes - Herpes simplex and herpes zoster can infect the eyes if you touch a lesion and then rub your eyes. These viruses (as well as other STDs such as gonorrhea and chlamydia) can cause corneal ulceration and retinal damage if they go untreated. Gonorrhea can even infect the inner parts of the eye.

Our Somerset, NJ Optometrist Can Treat Eye Infections

While your first instinct when you have an eye infection might be to visit a primary care physician, our Somerset NJ optometrist is quite capable to treating many eye infections. This can be a preferable strategy if you are a patient of ours, since we're already familiar with any other eye conditions you might have. Dr. Ngong-Tawe will evaluate your eyes and symptoms carefully to confirm the presence of infection and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Treatment of an eye infection varies according to the infectious agent. Antifungal and antibacterial medications are effective treatments for many cases of conjunctivitis and keratitis. We can also prescribe soothing eye drops and home care measures to help you manage conjunctivitis symptoms. If you need a different type of contact lens to prevent keratitis, we can help you order the right product from our optician. Corticosteroids can successfully treat uveitis, while several antiviral drugs are approved for treating herpes.

Need Eye Infection Treatment in Somerset, Franklin Township, Bound Brook or Hillsborough?

If you're troubled by a possible eye infection in Somerset, Franklin Township, Bound Brook or Hillsborough, get the help you need by calling us today. We can stop that infection and protect your eyesight!

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