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Scleral Lenses

Scleral Lenses from Our Somerset Optometrist at Franklin Family Eyecare

Are smaller contact lenses always "better" than larger ones? For many contact lens wearers, the answer is no. Scleral lenses, which cover the entire cornea of the eye, are the most effective and comfortable choice for many individuals struggling with issues such as dry eye and corneal abnormalities. Our Somerset, NJ optometrist at Franklin Family Eyecare, Dr. Josephine Ngong-Tawe, can fit you with these specialized lenses.

Woman holder her new Scleral Lenses.

An Ideal Choice for Certain Eye and Vision Challenges

Scleral lenses are by no means a late addition to the world of contact lenses -- quite the reverse, in fact. While most people today are used to the tiny lenses that sit centered on the cornea, scleral lenses preceded these devices as the original type of contact lenses. A scleral contact lens is designed to extend all the way beyond the diameter of the cornea so that its rim rests on the white of the eye. The rigid gas permeable materials in a scleral lens allow it to form a perfect sphere over the cornea without actually touching the corneal tissue. This design gives scleral lenses a decided advantage over other types of lenses in addressing specific eye and vision challenges such as:

  • Keratoconus - The corneas of people with keratoconus are thin and misshapen, which not causes severe refractive errors but also makes regular contacts less effective. Since scleral lenses maintain a constant corrective curvature above the corneas, they can correct these refractive errors with ease.
  • Astigmatism - Scleral lenses can correct just about any severe or complex refractive error, including astigmatism. These lenses can be made so that they don't move around, which helps them correct each and every corneal aberration.
  • Dry eye - Chronic dry eye can be worse by ordinary contacts. But scleral lenses double as a tear reservoir that helps locks moisture in.
  • Corneal diseases or injuries - If you have sensitive or delicate corneas, the "no-touch" design of scleral lenses may be ideal for you.

A Variety of Options at Our Optometry Center

Our optometry center can administer a contact lenses exams to determine whether scleral lenses are your best choice. In some cases, we can even provide variations such as mini-scleral or corneo-scleral lenses. These lenses are smaller than full-sized scleral lenses, but they still deliver many of the same advantages.

Are Scleral Lenses Your Solution? Call our Optometrist in Somerset for an Exam

The first step in finding out whether scleral lenses are right for you is to schedule an eye exam at Franklin Family Eyecare. Call 732-412-7328 today to set up an appointment with our Somerset optometrist!


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