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Franklin Family Eyecare Services

Franklin Family Eyecare provides comprehensive eye exam services to help patients of all ages and eye health conditions to get the best possible vision. Optometry is our passion, and we take pride in being able to offer personalized, individual eye care to each one of our patients in Somerset.

Eye & Vision Exams

Using the latest in optometric technology, our experienced Somerset optometrists are able to conduct a complete eye health and vision exam. We will evaluate your retinal and corneal health, and determine how we can help you achieve better vision.

Contact Lens Exams

female optometrist giving an eye exam with male patientMany people prefer not to wear glasses, and today's contact lenses are healthier and more comfortable than ever. At Franklin Family Eyecare, we provide specialized contact lens exams and fittings for both new and established contact lens wearers. We'll help you find the brand and fit that works best for your eyes and your budget.

Hard-to-Fit Contact Exams

Some patients have difficulty finding contact lenses that fit properly, especially patients who have an astigmatism. Our experienced optometrists are able to evaluate hard-to-fit contact wearers and prescribe specialized contacts that are designed to fit even the most unique eyes comfortably.

Computer Vision Exams

Technology today is more prevalent than ever before, and it seems as though every job requires at least some computer use. However, many people struggle with their computer vision because it is at an intermediate distance -- neither near nor far. We offer complete computer vision exams and can prescribe a variety of vision aids that are designed to help you see your best when working on the computer.

Sports Vision Exams & Glasses

Seeing well and protecting your eyes is important when you play sports. At Franklin Family Eyecare, we can evaluate your unique vision needs and help you find visual aids that allow you to preserve your eye health and safety as well as help you keep your eye on the ball.


UV rays have been shown to be harmful to the eyes, causing problems like premature cataracts, macular degeneration, and more. Protecting your eyes from the sun's rays has never been more important, and wearing sunglasses is so much more than just a fashion statement. We'll help you find a pair of durable, great-looking, and affordable prescription sunglasses so you can always see clearly when you're shielding your eyes from the sun.

LASIK Consultations

If you're ready to take the next step in improving your vision, we offer comprehensive LASIK consultations to help you determine if you're a great candidate for the surgery. We'll take special measurements of your eyes and give you all the information you need to make a decision. Then, we will refer you to the best LASIK eye surgeons in the area.

Dry Eye

Also referred to as keratoconjunctivitis sicca, dry eye is a condition that occurs when tears are unable to provide adequate moisture. Typically this results in the eye becoming red and inflamed. Here at Franklin Family Eyecare, we are able to diagnose and treat your dry eye.

Visit Our Somerset Office Today!

At Franklin Family Eyecare, our optometrists serve the areas of Hillsborough Township, Bridgewater Township, Piscataway Township, Franklin Township, New Brunswick, Bound Brook, Somerville, Somerset, and Manville, NJ.

For more information about our eyecare services at Franklin Family Eyecare, call us today at (732) 412-7328

Free Complete Pair of Glasses With Annual Supply of Contact Lens Purchase. [Rx and Insurance Exclusions Apply]

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