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Children's Eye Exams

Children's Eye Exams in Somerset

When you visit an eye doctor with your child, it allows you to ensure that an optometrist catches potential problems at an early age and provides appropriate treatments that help a child's long-term vision. At Franklin Family Eyecare, we provide eye exams to children that use appropriate tools to identify problems based on their age group and parental concerns.

Why Get Eye Exams for Children?

Although it does not seem necessary at a young age, children need regular eye exams to protect their vision and catch potential problems early. Our vision center serves the areas of Somerset, Franklin Township and Manville. We recognizes that children use their vision and eyesight as part of their experience of the world. When they develop vision problems, you want to treat the underlying concerns at an early age.

Essentially, you want to bring a child for an eye exam at an early age to catch potential problems, protect against future concerns and ensure that your child's vision does not cause complications in their life. The exams also identify problems with focusing, a lazy eye or any other potential concerns that impact a child's ability to learn and grow in a healthy way.

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Common Practices for a Children's Eye Exams

The exact practices used in children's eye exams depend on their age and current level of education. When children do not yet recognize letters or have limited reading abilities, an eye doctor uses an eye chart with pictures of animals or a tumbling E game that identifies problems with visual acuity, nearsightedness and farsightedness.

As children age and learn about letters, an eye doctor uses a letter chart to test for potential problems. A doctor also looks at a child's eyes directly to check for potential problems and shines a light to determine the way a child's eyes focus and change based on lighting conditions. The exam is non-invasive and has several similarities to tests for adults.

What to Expect from Our Somerset Optometrist

Due to the possible complications associated with exams for children, you want to plan the eye exam early and expect at least one hour or longer for the complete exam. Generally, parents provide appropriate information during the first visit based on their concerns about a child's vision and any observations that suggest potential problems. For example, a child sitting close to a television screen or squinting while looking at objects from a distance raise concerns about the health of a child's eyes.

Expect a doctor to use appropriate tools based on a child's age group to identify potential problems. At our clinic, we serve Somerset, Franklin Township, Hillsborough Township, Piscataway Township, New Brunswick, Bound Brook, Somerville, Bridgewater Township, and Manville, NJ. We use age-appropriate eye charts and maintain calm mannerisms to avoid surprising or scaring young children.

Regular eye exams catch potential health problems early and ensure that children can see clearly when they attend school. For more information about eye exams for children or to set up an appointment with an appropriate eye doctor, contact us today.

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