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Sports Vision FAQs

Sports Vision FAQs From Franklin Family Eye Care

For an athlete to achieve excellence, many things have to be right, from the correct footwear to the latest dietary advice from nutrition experts. Optimum vision is also important. Athletes visit their local optometry to optimize eyesight through sports vision. In Somerset, Franklin Family Eye Care we receive and answer some common questions regarding sports vision. These include:

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What Is "Sports Vision"?

“Sports vision” is a group of special visual abilities that provide a higher level of visual acuity, thereby enabling an improvement in sports performance. It can mean the difference between winning and losing.

It involves diagnostic techniques that measure how far off your eyesight is to optimal eyesight and eye care methods that could be employed to improve visual acuity.

Why Is Sports Vision Important for Athletes?

An athlete’s vision is put to the test during competition. Many sports including golf, basketball, darts, baseball, or archery will challenge your focusing ability, depth of perception, and eye-tracking ability. These skills need to be cultivated if you aim to achieve your sporting goals.

Is 20/20 Vision All I Need?

20/20 vision is how well the average person is expected to see. Therefore, better vision is possible for some people. Our Somerset optometry can help you get better vision through sports vision training.

What Tests Will Be Performed By Your Optometrist?

The sport you are playing will weigh heavily on the type of test to be conducted by our Somerset optometrist. Sports vision exams will begin with the Snellen eye chart for the determination of your visual acuity. The Saladin Near Point Balance Card Test may be used to measure your depth perception. Further tests include visual processing speed tests, ocular alignment tests such as the Hirschberg test, and contrast sensitivity tests.

What Is Involved In Sports Vision Training?

After covering basic eye care procedures and testing, our doctors of optometry will offer a series of custom vision training sessions. The methods and techniques we employ provide results in a short time and cover every vision skill pertaining to sports.

How Can Sports Vision Be Improved With A Visit To Your Optometry Center?

The remedies available at our optometry center will boost the sports vision of persons with vision weaknesses. These remedies include digital simulator training, tinted glasses, and specialized exercises. They help to speed up visual processing, enhance contrast, and improve focusing power.

How Can Good Eyesight Be Preserved?

Your eyes can be kept healthy by eating well, wearing sunglasses, not smoking, using safety eyewear, and minimizing blue light exposure.

Contact Our Somerset Eye Care Clinic

Any further questions can be directed to our offices on 454 Elizabeth Ave #220 Somerset, NJ 08873 or by calling us at (732) 412-7328. You can stop by or call to schedule a sports vision appointment with us today.


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